WIP Concrete Batching

WIP offers on-site civil, mining, and road construction mobile concrete batching and concreting services.

At WIP we prioritise client outcomes, exceeding standard approaches. We are committed to innovative, cost-effective solutions, that address specific client needs, including bespoke concrete batch designs. Emphasizing adherence to Australian standards, our dedicated team meticulously reviews projects for tailored solutions, optimizing outcomes in diverse locations. Our agility enhances client experiences, ensuring success in demanding fields.

Quality Assurance

WIP Concrete and Batching operates within a certified Quality Assurance system aligning with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.

Our cutting-edge plant and equipment control panels, coupled with meticulous batch record documentation, ensure precision and quality in every project. This integrated approach guarantees compliance with international standards, fostering confidence in our commitment to excellence.

Our Batching Plant

WIP Constructions Concrete Batching Plant exemplifies excellence in concrete production. Versatile and precise, it accommodates various mix designs with advanced automation for consistent quality. Designed and manufactured in Queensland, the plant’s robust construction ensures durability, and its modular design allows seamless scalability for diverse project requirements. Our batching plant stands as a reliable, innovative solution, offering high-quality concrete production. Its adaptability makes it ideal for integration into construction projects of varying scales and complexities, ensuring efficiency and top-tier results.